Chicago Tribune theatre critic, Chris Jones, recently wrote a piece titled "Wanted in Chicago: A few good, young producers"  In this piece, Mr. Jones contends that Chicago's midsized entertainment venues are no longer humming.  He states, "the real problem is that Chicago lacks young producers who could spark a rebound in what used to be a thriving world of off-Loop commercial productions.  The plays are out there.  It just needs someone to produce them here [Chicago]"  Did Mr. Jones throw down the gauntlet?  "Yes," says J. Israel Greene, founder and artistic director of Greenetree Productions, who is ready to take up the gauntlet beginning with his upcoming production of Blues for an Alabama Sky.

Performing since he was a child and professionally for roughly 12 years, J. Israel agrees with Mr. Jones and understands that a lack of midsized venues also creates a lack of opportunities for those seeking to be involved in quality theatre productions. It was out of this understanding, not to mention frustration, that Greenetree Productions was born.  If opportunities were not presenting themselves, why not create them?  Not just for himself but for others who share his vision.

As founder and artistic director of Greenetree Productions, J. Israel brings to the stage not only his experience but a commitment level of excitement and creativity that most strive to match with a believe that "you must continue to fuel the fire by constantly feeding your creative passion."

Mr. Jones, Chicago theatre is making a comeback and J. Israel is leading the way.

By Libby Julia,Write Media LLC


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