"Opportunity is missed by most because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work."
~ Thomas Alva Edison

Want to know how to create opportunities, here's some advice from J. Israel...

Continue to Cultivate Your Craft- Success happens when opportunity meets preparedness so take classes, get an acting coach.  By doing these things you sharpen your skills and put yourself in a position to be noticed.

Audition for everything- The best experience is real world experience.

Never think any job is too small- When getting started  get involved as an extra as well.  Often times these positions will get upgraded and all of a sudden you may have a speaking role.  

Internships- Not only should an actor understand what happens on one side of the camera or on stage, he/she should understand what happens behind the camera and backstage.  So take part in internships that will allow you to learn the business.  This includes an internship at an agency as well.  This will show you exactly what casting directors are looking for when casting.

Get great "professional" pictures taken-  DO NOT USE YOUR FRIENDS PHOTOS.  Have professional photos taken.  This is your calling card to the world and could be the difference between a phone call or a trash can.  

Market yourself-  Do not just rely on your agent to market you.  You should be sending your headshots out every single week, searching auditions through your network of other students, coaches, and teachers from your classes.  Create a website with your work, load information to Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Network, network, network-  Go see shows, meet other actors, exchange business cards, review all trade publications, talk to your agents about how you can be better at what you do.  Find a mentor, and mirror their success.  

Tap your creative juices- Create your own shows, write and collaborate with others, workshop your shows in small coffee shops or other small venues.

Always exude confidence- Casting directors can smell lack of confidence when you walk in the room.  Your talk, your walk and your look will be full of confidence if you believe in yourself.

by Write Media, LLC


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