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Greenetree Productions, also known as GTP, was formed in 2006 by J. Israel Greene, an actor who saw a need to create his own destiny. The intent of GTP is to create opportunities when you aren't presented with them and to fill the void that theatre is so often missing. Theatre should be a haven, a place of safety or refuge. Theatre has the ability to educate, engage, inspire, enlighten, engulf, provoke emotion, and propel those who have the opportunity to watch into action. In life there are people who are afraid to express emotion, afraid to cry, scream, laugh, love, and simply get excited. The theatre acts as a conduit to allow just those very things without ridicule or backlash. There is no being afraid of what others may think, or being afraid to say what some will not say. The audience walks into the theatre as strangers and leave as family.  Since its inception in 2006, GTP has produced one show, “Beast On the Moon” which was a social awakening for many. Since then we have been working on independent projects such as commercials, industrials and independent film opportunities.

Our mission is simple...

At Greenetree Productions, our goal is to entertain, enlighten, inform, and inspire our audiences. We will do this by providing contemporary compelling theatre to the masses. GTP will serve its community by providing quality shows that challenge each individual and make us all socially aware. It is through this venue that we will be the soundstage for the many voices who are silenced yet scream to be heard.

By Libby Julia,Write Media LLC


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